Monday, May 6, 2013

For Sale Multiple lots, Lizardmen, Marauder Dwarves, Metal Dreadnought Legs

                                                         £1.85 Eldar Howling Banshee

                                             £2.25 Dark Elf Knight with shield but no arm

                 £2.00 each. Some sadly incomplete Marauder Dwarves, missing their wee Crossbows

                                                    £2.00 Marauder Dwarf Crossbowman

                                 £4.00  Hurricanum Top Piece, we have lots of the planetoid decorations so just ask if you'd like some of those too :)
                                  £2.00  A broken Ushtug, is it Ushtug? I think it's Ushtug
                                                £1.89 Cheap broken Old School Orc
                                     £4.50 for the dread legs, lovely lovely metal, no finecast!
                            £6.00  A little group of Lizardmen, a Standard and Musician here :)

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